What to Expect

What To Expect During a Channeling Session

Ideally, channeling takes place in a comfortable place, in a quiet environment.

This is important even when you are participating by phone.  Because the beings are coming directly to me, it doesn’t matter if you are present in person or by phone.

I take about 5 minutes to ground myself, prepare and synchronize energies with the being who wishes to come through. Sometimes one of my own team will come through first (see “About My Guides”),  as a way to step up my energy in phases to be ready energetically for the next being.


In private sessions, it’s not uncommon for one of the client’s guides to come through directly, but this is not always the case. I totally leave these decisions up to Spirit, a negotiation between my guides and yours.

I do not channel your loved ones in spirit.  But occasionally they do relay a message via the guides.

Mostly you won’t notice any changes in me. You might notice personality differences between beings, or different phrasing from one being to the next. Occasionally people with the gift to see it will notice overshadowing – this is a sense of another face superimposing over mine, but it is very subtle, much like shadow. Some people have seen my aura colour change dramatically with a specific being.

What I personally have noticed is that it is hardest to bring through angelic energy because the vibration is so much higher than mine. This results in more pauses between concepts while I unravel the next part of the message.

Clients often ask for the name of the being coming through. This is often difficult to confirm, as names are largely a convenience Spirit uses for humans, and not really part of the energetic information I receive.

I do have my eyes closed during the whole session to better focus on the energy of the messages.  If more than one being comes through, I will take a brief pause between them.

You can take notes if you wish.  Don’t be afraid to make any normal noises, such as coughing etc.  These will not disturb me.

You may ask questions at any time, especially if there is something I’m saying that you don’t understand.  But normally the being will speak for a few minutes, then will ask you if you have any questions.  Often, a second being might come through as well.

This process can be quite deep, personal and emotional; often people are moved to tears.  Spirit likes to focus on all of who you are, not just the everyday person that you are.  Most people feel a sense of well-being, relief and confirmation afterwards.

I believe that with all such communications, be they from me or any other communicator, it is of the utmost importance for you to use your own discernment about what resonates for you, no matter what is said or by whom.  We are the only ones that truly know what is right for us, and it is our responsibility to honour ourselves by doing so.

Each session is recorded, and will be emailed to you following the session. You may also record the session if you wish. I do reserve the right to use excerpts of the recordings on the website or in written materials, while guaranteeing that the anonymity of the client is strictly maintained.