What is Channeling

Channeling is a form of communication from beings in spirit to humans.

A little orientation on terms:

Psychic – means I’m reading directly from your energy and potentials.

Mediumship – means I am acting as a translator of messages for the client from beings in spirit – most often your loved ones who have passed, but also could be from your guides.

Channeling – means beings in spirit speaking directly through me to you.

I am a conscious channel, meaning I am fully aware of every word I’m speaking, and fully present. I expand my heart energy centre, inviting beings of love, joy, wisdom and benevolence into my heart space.
As you may know, we all have at least one guide, a spirit being who is somewhat like a guardian angel, there to guide us and help us when we ask for it.

My agreement with my guides (see “About My Guides”) is that I only bring through beings that are of guide level energy or “higher” – guides, ascended masters, angelic energies, even sometimes high vibration beings who have inhabited other planets. This has worked exceedingly well, providing clear and uplifting communications from Spirit. I’m fortunate to be able to have such flexibility.

I do not channel your loved ones in spirit.  But occasionally they do relay a message via the guides.

Spirit rarely speaks directly in words, as this is actually a very inefficient form of communication for a spirit being. So I am essentially unravelling a sense of what is being communicated into words as best I can. So while it is much more direct than any other form of relayed communication, there is still an aspect of translation to it. As such, all communications contain an aspect of my own energy.