Welcome, fellow seekers and lightworkers.

My passion is to work with Spirit, especially through channeling beings of love and joy, who can help us on our sacred journeys of integrating our non-physical selves into our physical expressions here on earth.  And what a wonderful ride it is for us in this time of awakening!

A message from me and my Spirit Team:

“Our intention is to empower you to connect with your own guides and all of who you are.  We wish to help ignite the spark in you that takes you to your next stage of becoming all of who you can be!”

Below are 3 audio files, to give you a sense of my channeling.  The first is a short introduction to the contents of the of the other two.  I hope you find these interesting and helpful!

This is a female guide I’m getting to know, who is very nature-based and chooses to speak on medicinal herbs in the new energy on this sample.

This is a male guide who came to me specifically for the purpose of channeling.  Here he is answering a question from a guest about emotions.  With my thanks to the guest for granting permission to use this wonderful question and answer as an audio sample on my site.

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What is Channeling

Channeling is a form of communication from beings in spirit to humans.

A little orientation on terms:

Psychic – means I’m reading directly from your energy and potentials.

Mediumship – means I am acting as a translator of messages for the client from beings in spirit – most often your loved ones who have passed, but also could be from your guides.

Channeling – means beings in spirit speaking directly through me to you.

I am a conscious channel, meaning I am fully aware of every word I’m speaking, and fully present. I expand my heart energy centre, inviting beings of love, joy, wisdom and benevolence into my heart space.
As you may know, we all have at least one guide, a spirit being who is somewhat like a guardian angel, there to guide us and help us when we ask for it.

My agreement with my guides (see “About My Guides”) is that I only bring through beings that are of guide level energy or “higher” – guides, ascended masters, angelic energies, even sometimes high vibration beings who have inhabited other planets. This has worked exceedingly well, providing clear and uplifting communications from Spirit. I’m fortunate to be able to have such flexibility.

I do not channel your loved ones in spirit.  But occasionally they do relay a message via the guides.

Spirit rarely speaks directly in words, as this is actually a very inefficient form of communication for a spirit being. So I am essentially unravelling a sense of what is being communicated into words as best I can. So while it is much more direct than any other form of relayed communication, there is still an aspect of translation to it. As such, all communications contain an aspect of my own energy.

About Me

About Me

Minerva Profile

I have always “known” that there is more than what our 5 senses bring to us. I’ve thirsted for knowledge about the unseen most of my life. When I was 15, I read my father’s entire shelf of “paranormal” books, further stoking the fire of my curiosity. I was especially fascinated by the channeled material. How could Edgar Cayce, knowing absolutely nothing about medicine, nor indeed the people he was reading, give such specific, detailed and accurate information about the client’s condition, and further suggest treatments that were effective but often unknown to Western medicine? How could Jane Roberts bring through Seth every time, giving us a wealth of knowledge about our lives as spirits when we are not inhabiting a body?

In the 90’s I was thrilled to find channeling was becoming more prevalent, with even more captivating and fresh information:

– Lee Carroll http://www.kryon.com

– Geoffrey Hoppe http://www.crimsoncircle.com

– Esther Hicks http://www.abraham-hicks.com

These people, and others, have been such an inspiration to me, as they are clearly bringing through the voice and love of Spirit. Time and again, I found the material to be paradigm-shifting, setting off starbursts of understanding and excitement in my being.

For most of my career I have worked in the corporate world, in the areas of accounting and computing. While I have found this at times fulfilling and enjoyable, channeling speaks to my heart and soul in a way that my corporate work never has. The joy and love I feel from the spirit beings who visit clients through me is so uplifting.  And to see the radiance and relief on a client’s face after a session is the kind of reward that no amount of money can buy.

During the past 25 years, I have focused on developing my own multi-sensory abilities. I attended Arthur Findlay College in Essex, England, offering facilities unequalled anywhere in the world as a residential centre where students can experience spiritual and psychic unfolding through study and exercises guided by very advanced tutors. I also pursued many courses and workshops in Canada. Through this work, I came to understand my own unique blend of spiritual gifts, and to expand and deepen them.

In my heart of hearts, my deepest desire is to be a clear channel, bringing in new and spiritually timely information to the growing number of humans following a spiritual path.

When we finally tried channeling in classes and workshops, it turned out to be my strongest and most consistent talent, finally connecting me to my true passion. I feel I have come home!

Minerva is a nickname I was given many years ago.  Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom and the arts. She is also closely tied to the symbol of Owl, the first animal that came to me in meditations. So it is with honour that I gladly share her name.

About My Guides

About My Guides

I have a number of guides in my core team, as well as a few characters that come through occasionally in channel.  Let me introduce you to a few:

    • My main guide and gatekeeper is Travelling Red Bear (Red Bear for short). He was a First Nations Trapper.  He has a very strong energy, a great healer.  “Gatekeeper” means he has full control of who is allowed to come through, based on my guidelines of “only guide level and higher”.  He also decides order of appearance, and assists with synchronizing our energies when needed.  He is a bit like an MC.  Occasionally he likes to come through himself.


    • Alfred has never been incarnate on earth, and therefore brings a fresh and unique perspective when he comes through. Both Alfred and Red Bear have been with me a long time.  Alfred is more of an intellectual, a gentle soul who enjoys sharing information.


  • Charles was the first being to come through regularly in channel. He is not part of my guide team, but our energies fit very well together.  He was like training wheels for me in channel.  He is delightful and lighthearted.  He will often come through first when I need to transition my energy for a much higher vibration being next on the roster.  He in effect warms up both me and the crowd.


Group Channeling

“Since the first time I saw Minerva channeling, I was amazed at how easy she made it look. She is truly gifted and has an incredible ability to channel. The last time I took part in a channeling group session, I was able to see her aura really bright as she was connected with the Beings. Very surreal but amazing! Highly recommended.” ~AT, Vancouver BC

“Quite an amazing experience!  I listened intently for the messages which were filled with wisdom and guidance. I enjoyed participating in the group channeling session. Thank you for sharing your gift Minerva!”  ~LO, North Vancouver

“I met Minerva in a group event ‘Channelled Messages from Spirit’. I asked a few questions and the answers were so relevant that I decided to book a private channelling session.” ~NF, North Vancouver

“I would just like to say a big thank you for what you do.  I have to say I was a bit skeptical about the whole channelling concept but since attending your channelling I have been discovering more and more about it.   I am really enjoying the intuitive guidance and the synchronicities it brings.  Every time I read over my notes from that meeting back in March I seem to discover another dimension of truth in there, it is great.  Keep doing what you are doing and thank you once again.”  – Tony, Ireland

“Minerva is one of the most important spiritual teachers of my life. That’s not an exaggeration, I’ve literally never said that about any other intuitive or teacher I’ve had.
I’ve spent my life searching for an answer, it took 35 years to find someone who could give it to me and that person was Minerva – or more specifically her guide Traveling Red Bear.
My intuitive abilities are overpowering and can be very painful, especially my clairsentience. Every intuitive or healer I’ve spoken to has told me to just visualize myself shielded and protected and despite hundreds of attempts to do just that, ‘shield myself’ or ‘run the energy’ or ‘transmute the energy’ nothing has been effective. This has been painful, and frustrating, and I have had a sense of deep wounding around it. That is until I met Minerva, and she changed my whole life.
She gave me exactly the information I needed to see why my clairs (intuitive abilities) are so strong, and how they were helping me and she gave me just what I needed to get them under control.
But what’s more important, she changed the way I see my ‘abilities’, where there was once resentment, frustration and pain….there is now gratitude, acceptance and grace. I will never have the words to thank her fully.
But I can say this, she is a gifted channel and I am blessed to have met her.”
~ Bonnie, Vancouver

Private Sessions – In Person

“I came to see Minerva because I was going through a rough patch in my life. I was overwhelmed with questions of what went wrong and why things turned out the way they did, and feelings of guilt, doubts, blame, etc. I needed some clarity in order to move forward.

To start the session, Minerva walked me through what she would be doing and asked if I had any questions before starting. Throughout the session, Minerva was very calm, clear and totally tuned in with her guide. I stepped away from the session feeling lighter as if a huge weight had been lifted off of me. It gave me clarity and strength to move on and the confirmation that I will be okay.

I would recommend you to see Minerva if you find yourself in need of some clarity, confirmation, or simply out of curiosity of what channeling is all about. I have to admit I was a little spooked about channeling, but Minerva made it a very comfortable and relaxing environment for me. It wasn’t scary at all! I am glad I did it. I would definitely book another session in future.”
~VC, B.C.

“I met Minerva in a group event ‘Channelled Messages from Spirit’. I asked a few questions and the answers were so relevant that I decided to book a private channelling session. I had a list of ten questions! Spirit through Minerva answered to all of them and much more. The questions were very specific and so were the answers. I truly believe that I got in one hour the answers and clarifications that could take me a life time to find out their right explanation.

The channelling session was a life changing experience. It opened my eyes to see who I am and to reconnect me to my true Self and my guides.

I definitely recommend Minerva’s channelling/reading and I’ll go again once I’m done integrating the insights and guidance I received in the group event and the private session. I’ll go back for guidance for the next steps and also to reach the feeling of the higher vibration in the place, this higher vibration is mainly there because of Minerva’s energy and also because of the unique crystals collection she has in her welcoming setting.”
~NF, North Vancouver, BC

“My session with Minerva offered clarity and insight that I didn’t expect. Her ability to connect with her guides as well as beings of inspiration and wisdom is remarkable. Thank you for helping me on my spiritual journey. I highly recommend having a session with her if you are looking for a point of view that comes from a heart-based place and loving beings in spirit.”
~ TR, BC

“I had such an amazing experience today.  You are a very loving individual.  Witnessing you (channel) made me feel so much more open to live with freewill.  It will always remind me of how I started from watching Esther Hicks channel Abraham on YouTube and wished to meet someone similar closer to me.  And I was guided to you and your spirit guides.”
– GT, Abbotsford, BC

Private Sessions – By Phone/Zoom

“I am convinced that the universe led me to Minerva when it did because it knew she was the perfect person for me to experience a connection with my spirit guides through.  For someone like me, who had not had any previous experience within this world, her patient and calming energy made the experience feel so comfortable.  My phone session with Minerva and my guides truly provided my heart with the love and guidance it needed in a time of turmoil and indecision.  The comfort and love that Minerva received me with is something I will forever be grateful for, she provided the perfect atmosphere through which I was able to open up and learn about a side of myself I always felt but could never quite trust to connect with fully. ” – MK, Toronto

“I was introduced to Minerva through a close friend and had a private session with her in December.  Through Minerva, I met my spirit guide and have been meditating and communicating almost daily since then.  I find this connection gives me clarity.  My guide gives me subtle words or food for thought that are meaningful and helpful to my life’s situation.  It was an amazing experience with Minerva and I intend to touch base with her again in a few months.” ~NL, NB

“My telephone reading with Minerva provided subtle insights and guidance and I found myself reflecting back on the session many times during the following weeks. It was a positive and uplifting experience! Many thanks!”  ~SME, Toronto

“My spirit guide appeared in my bedroom one spring morning and I was filled with such a warm feeling. Since then, Minerva has bridged the gap and enabled an amazing communication with me and my guide. When my guide appeared the first time, Minerva and I both experienced the bolt of lightning sensation. If you have not met your spirit guide, Minerva is a wonderful warm guide for you so that you can continue to commune with your guide after – as you require.”  ~SueD, NB

“Minerva was wonderful to work with, and so kind!!!  I felt like I was meeting an old friend for the first time. She was spot on with her cards!!!   I highly recommend. ”  -KP

What to Expect

What To Expect During a Channeling Session

Ideally, channeling takes place in a comfortable place, in a quiet environment.

This is important even when you are participating by phone.  Because the beings are coming directly to me, it doesn’t matter if you are present in person or by phone.

I take about 5 minutes to ground myself, prepare and synchronize energies with the being who wishes to come through. Sometimes one of my own team will come through first (see “About My Guides”),  as a way to step up my energy in phases to be ready energetically for the next being.


In private sessions, it’s not uncommon for one of the client’s guides to come through directly, but this is not always the case. I totally leave these decisions up to Spirit, a negotiation between my guides and yours.

I do not channel your loved ones in spirit.  But occasionally they do relay a message via the guides.

Mostly you won’t notice any changes in me. You might notice personality differences between beings, or different phrasing from one being to the next. Occasionally people with the gift to see it will notice overshadowing – this is a sense of another face superimposing over mine, but it is very subtle, much like shadow. Some people have seen my aura colour change dramatically with a specific being.

What I personally have noticed is that it is hardest to bring through angelic energy because the vibration is so much higher than mine. This results in more pauses between concepts while I unravel the next part of the message.

Clients often ask for the name of the being coming through. This is often difficult to confirm, as names are largely a convenience Spirit uses for humans, and not really part of the energetic information I receive.

I do have my eyes closed during the whole session to better focus on the energy of the messages.  If more than one being comes through, I will take a brief pause between them.

You can take notes if you wish.  Don’t be afraid to make any normal noises, such as coughing etc.  These will not disturb me.

You may ask questions at any time, especially if there is something I’m saying that you don’t understand.  But normally the being will speak for a few minutes, then will ask you if you have any questions.  Often, a second being might come through as well.

This process can be quite deep, personal and emotional; often people are moved to tears.  Spirit likes to focus on all of who you are, not just the everyday person that you are.  Most people feel a sense of well-being, relief and confirmation afterwards.

I believe that with all such communications, be they from me or any other communicator, it is of the utmost importance for you to use your own discernment about what resonates for you, no matter what is said or by whom.  We are the only ones that truly know what is right for us, and it is our responsibility to honour ourselves by doing so.

Each session is recorded, and will be emailed to you following the session. You may also record the session if you wish. I do reserve the right to use excerpts of the recordings on the website or in written materials, while guaranteeing that the anonymity of the client is strictly maintained.

How to Prepare

How to Prepare for a Channeling Session

Ahead of the session, let your guides know what you’d like help with, what you want to hear about. Tell them what you would like to get out of the session. If you haven’t done this before, just spend some quiet time speaking to your guides in your mind.

Please have your questions prepared in advance.  You may not use these, as you may be otherwise inspired during the session, but this ensures a good interaction, and helps to focus your energy for the session.

It doesn’t really matter how you tell your guides what you want.  Just send your heartfelt wishes to your team, or to the universe.  It’s not really about the words, but about your clear intentions.  Spending some quiet time doing this may help you get clarity about what you want to know.

You can take notes if you wish. Don’t be afraid to make any normal noises, such as coughing etc. These will not disturb me.

You may ask questions at any time, especially if there is something I’m saying that you don’t understand. But normally the being will speak for a few minutes, then will ask you if you have any questions. Often, a second being might come through as well.




Private Channeling Sessions – In Person  or via Zoom

A session lasts 45-60 minutes usually.  If your questions cause us to go overtime, it’s $1.50 per minute beyond the hour.  This is under your control.
CAD$90 per session

Channeled Mentoring – Private Sessions

Pre-requisite – you must have already attended a regular private session.
This is a package of 3 one-hour sessions (30 min of channeling) over 2 months, for CAD$250, payable in advance.    Your guide(s) will give you “homework“ to work on between sessions.

Mentoring – Psychic Development – Group Sessions

You’ve done some psychic development already, and want to keep practicing.  This is done in 90 min sessions over Zoom.  There is at least one psychic, or mediumship, exercise, followed by an open question period for any topics you might want to explore.   Homework is always suggested, if you desire to keep working between sessions.  Sometimes students assign the homework.  These sessions are scheduled based on demand, and require a minimum of 2 people.
CAD $30 per session

Card Readings – In Person or via Zoom

To quote Colette Baron-Reid, these readings are prescriptive rather than predictive.  I use a planetary spread for general readings, and also work with specific questions. I use a tarot deck and a number of oracle decks.
CAD $30-15min, CAD $50-30min, CAD $75- 45 min, CAD $90-60 min. Overtime $1.50/min

Minerva’s Circle

This is a channeling demonstration held once a month.  Anyone is welcome to come. This is the best way to get a taste of what it’s all about for a modest fee.  You must register in advance (see my EVENTS page). (NOTE: POSTPONED INDEFINITELY DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS)

These sessions can involve 2 or 3 beings giving messages to the group.  The information can be universal in nature, or more specific to the group attending.  On occasion, it can be personal with the agreement of those attending.  I leave the decision of who is coming through from spirit and what they will discuss entirely up to the universe, so it’s always a nice surprise to see who comes a-calling. 

Private Group Channeling

Would you like to host a channeling event in your home or over Zoom?  I would recommend anywhere from 4 to 20 people.  There is no guarantee that there will be individual messages for everyone.  I have to go with the flow of Spirit, always.  But as you and your visitors send their desires to your guides in advance, these are all taken into account, as well as my ability to fit it all in.  Expect 60-90 min of channeling, with time for questions and answers both before and after.  Plan for about 2 and a half hours total.  The cost for this is CAD$199.


See my EVENTS page


Contact us

I would love to hear from you to answer any of your questions.  Or if you are ready to book, please contact me to schedule a session. Please use the form below.

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