Private Channeling Sessions – in person  or by phone

SUMMER SPECIAL RATE – CAD$90 per session –

A session lasts 45-60 minutes usually.  If your questions cause us to go overtime, it`s $1.50 per minute beyond the hour.  This is under your control.

Mentoring – Private Sessions

Pre-requisite – you must have already attended a regular private session.
This is a package of 3 one-hour sessions (30 min of channeling) over 2 months, for CAD$250 (SUMMER SPECIAL rate), payable in advance.    Your guide(s) will give you “homework“ to work on between sessions.

Card Readings – In Person or Remote

To quote Colette Baron-Reid, these readings are prescriptive rather than predictive.  I use a planetary spread for general readings, and also work with specific questions. I use a tarot deck and a number of oracle decks.
CAD$75 per session.

Minerva’s Circle

This is a channeling demonstration held once a month.  Anyone is welcome to come. This is the best way to get a taste of what it’s all about for a modest fee.  You must register in advance (see my EVENTS page).

These sessions can involve 2 or 3 beings giving messages to the group.  The information can be universal in nature, or more specific to the group attending.  On occasion, it can be personal with the agreement of those attending.  I leave the decision of who is coming through from spirit and what they will discuss entirely up to the universe, so it’s always a nice surprise to see who comes a-calling. 

Private Group Channeling

Would you like to host a channeling event in your home?  I would recommend anywhere from 4 to 20 people.  There is no guarantee that there will be individual messages for everyone.  I have to go with the flow of Spirit, always.  But as you and your visitors send their desires to your guides in advance, these are all taken into account, as well as my ability to fit it all in.  Expect 60-90 min of channeling, with time for questions and answers both before and after.  Plan for about 2 and a half hours total.  The cost for this is CAD$199.


See my EVENTS page