Group Channeling

“Since the first time I saw Minerva channeling, I was amazed at how easy she made it look. She is truly gifted and has an incredible ability to channel. The last time I took part in a channeling group session, I was able to see her aura really bright as she was connected with the Beings. Very surreal but amazing! Highly recommended.” ~AT, Vancouver BC

“Quite an amazing experience!  I listened intently for the messages which were filled with wisdom and guidance. I enjoyed participating in the group channeling session. Thank you for sharing your gift Minerva!”  ~LO, North Vancouver

“I met Minerva in a group event ‘Channelled Messages from Spirit’. I asked a few questions and the answers were so relevant that I decided to book a private channelling session.” ~NF, North Vancouver

“I would just like to say a big thank you for what you do.  I have to say I was a bit skeptical about the whole channelling concept but since attending your channelling I have been discovering more and more about it.   I am really enjoying the intuitive guidance and the synchronicities it brings.  Every time I read over my notes from that meeting back in March I seem to discover another dimension of truth in there, it is great.  Keep doing what you are doing and thank you once again.”  – Tony, Ireland

“Minerva is one of the most important spiritual teachers of my life. That’s not an exaggeration, I’ve literally never said that about any other intuitive or teacher I’ve had.
I’ve spent my life searching for an answer, it took 35 years to find someone who could give it to me and that person was Minerva – or more specifically her guide Traveling Red Bear.
My intuitive abilities are overpowering and can be very painful, especially my clairsentience. Every intuitive or healer I’ve spoken to has told me to just visualize myself shielded and protected and despite hundreds of attempts to do just that, ‘shield myself’ or ‘run the energy’ or ‘transmute the energy’ nothing has been effective. This has been painful, and frustrating, and I have had a sense of deep wounding around it. That is until I met Minerva, and she changed my whole life.
She gave me exactly the information I needed to see why my clairs (intuitive abilities) are so strong, and how they were helping me and she gave me just what I needed to get them under control.
But what’s more important, she changed the way I see my ‘abilities’, where there was once resentment, frustration and pain….there is now gratitude, acceptance and grace. I will never have the words to thank her fully.
But I can say this, she is a gifted channel and I am blessed to have met her.”
~ Bonnie, Vancouver

Private Sessions – In Person

“I came to see Minerva because I was going through a rough patch in my life. I was overwhelmed with questions of what went wrong and why things turned out the way they did, and feelings of guilt, doubts, blame, etc. I needed some clarity in order to move forward.

To start the session, Minerva walked me through what she would be doing and asked if I had any questions before starting. Throughout the session, Minerva was very calm, clear and totally tuned in with her guide. I stepped away from the session feeling lighter as if a huge weight had been lifted off of me. It gave me clarity and strength to move on and the confirmation that I will be okay.

I would recommend you to see Minerva if you find yourself in need of some clarity, confirmation, or simply out of curiosity of what channeling is all about. I have to admit I was a little spooked about channeling, but Minerva made it a very comfortable and relaxing environment for me. It wasn’t scary at all! I am glad I did it. I would definitely book another session in future.”
~VC, B.C.

“I met Minerva in a group event ‘Channelled Messages from Spirit’. I asked a few questions and the answers were so relevant that I decided to book a private channelling session. I had a list of ten questions! Spirit through Minerva answered to all of them and much more. The questions were very specific and so were the answers. I truly believe that I got in one hour the answers and clarifications that could take me a life time to find out their right explanation.

The channelling session was a life changing experience. It opened my eyes to see who I am and to reconnect me to my true Self and my guides.

I definitely recommend Minerva’s channelling/reading and I’ll go again once I’m done integrating the insights and guidance I received in the group event and the private session. I’ll go back for guidance for the next steps and also to reach the feeling of the higher vibration in the place, this higher vibration is mainly there because of Minerva’s energy and also because of the unique crystals collection she has in her welcoming setting.”
~NF, North Vancouver, BC

“My session with Minerva offered clarity and insight that I didn’t expect. Her ability to connect with her guides as well as beings of inspiration and wisdom is remarkable. Thank you for helping me on my spiritual journey. I highly recommend having a session with her if you are looking for a point of view that comes from a heart-based place and loving beings in spirit.”
~ TR, BC

“I had such an amazing experience today.  You are a very loving individual.  Witnessing you (channel) made me feel so much more open to live with freewill.  It will always remind me of how I started from watching Esther Hicks channel Abraham on YouTube and wished to meet someone similar closer to me.  And I was guided to you and your spirit guides.”
– GT, Abbotsford, BC

Private Sessions – By Phone/Zoom

“I am convinced that the universe led me to Minerva when it did because it knew she was the perfect person for me to experience a connection with my spirit guides through.  For someone like me, who had not had any previous experience within this world, her patient and calming energy made the experience feel so comfortable.  My phone session with Minerva and my guides truly provided my heart with the love and guidance it needed in a time of turmoil and indecision.  The comfort and love that Minerva received me with is something I will forever be grateful for, she provided the perfect atmosphere through which I was able to open up and learn about a side of myself I always felt but could never quite trust to connect with fully. ” – MK, Toronto

“I was introduced to Minerva through a close friend and had a private session with her in December.  Through Minerva, I met my spirit guide and have been meditating and communicating almost daily since then.  I find this connection gives me clarity.  My guide gives me subtle words or food for thought that are meaningful and helpful to my life’s situation.  It was an amazing experience with Minerva and I intend to touch base with her again in a few months.” ~NL, NB

“My telephone reading with Minerva provided subtle insights and guidance and I found myself reflecting back on the session many times during the following weeks. It was a positive and uplifting experience! Many thanks!”  ~SME, Toronto

“My spirit guide appeared in my bedroom one spring morning and I was filled with such a warm feeling. Since then, Minerva has bridged the gap and enabled an amazing communication with me and my guide. When my guide appeared the first time, Minerva and I both experienced the bolt of lightning sensation. If you have not met your spirit guide, Minerva is a wonderful warm guide for you so that you can continue to commune with your guide after – as you require.”  ~SueD, NB

“Minerva was wonderful to work with, and so kind!!!  I felt like I was meeting an old friend for the first time. She was spot on with her cards!!!   I highly recommend. ”  -KP